Data Protection News Roundup – 13th November 2018


Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, has said he thinks the EU is not the “world leader” when it comes to data protection laws, questioning the balance Brussels maintains with the GDPR. Read more here.

Following a consultation, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has confirmed that it will only introduce one new exemption for the data protection fee – for all processing relating solely to standing for or fulfilling the office of all categories of elected representatives and peers. Read more here.


Who’s getting it wrong?

A man has been jailed for six months as a result of the first ICO-initiated prosecution under the Computer Misuse Act. He worked at an accident repair firm and abused a system that estimates the cost of vehicle repairs, Audatex, to access thousands of customer records containing personal data. He used a colleague’s login details to access the system without permission and sold records containing names, phone numbers and vehicle and accident information, which was subsequently abused by various claims management companies. Read more here.


Other News

In Colchester the city Council is due to discuss the revised taxi licensing policy and the matter of installing CCTV in taxis. The CCTV cameras would be centrally controlled and recorded by the council which some drivers have raised concerns over. Read more here.

Results from a poll by data consultancy Merrill Corporation has found that more than 50% of experts thinks complying with the GDPR is a significant fetter on mergers and acquisitions and blame it for an increase in failed transactions. Read more here.

Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, has launched a collection of resources to help organisations comply with the relevant codes of practice. It includes a surveillance camera specific data protection impact assessment template. Read more here.

Privacy International has filed complaints of “systematic infringements” of data protection law by seven companies that it claims have exploited the data of millions of users without thorough criticism. The civil rights group named Acxicom, Oracle, Critero, Quantcast, Tapad, Equifax and Experian. Read more here.

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