Data Protection News Roundup – 11th December 2018

Who’s getting it wrong?

Google has brought forward the closing down of its Google+ social network following the discovery of a major data breach that exposed the personal data of 52.2 million users. It was officially supposed to shut down in August 2019 but will now shut down in April. Read more here.

A former head teacher has been fined in court for unlawfully obtaining school children’s personal data from previous schools where he worked. He obtained the information from two schools where he previously worked and uploaded it to his then current school’s server. Read more here.


Other News

According to a recent survey consumers still trust big brands and are willing to part with personal data if they believe it can benefit them, despite many recent high profile data breaches. Read more here.

According to an investigation by Which? Several large retailers may be breaking data protection rules with their e-receipts as some include unwanted marketing information in their e-receipts, contrary to the rules. Read more here.

According to internal Facebook emails published last week Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg questioned the business case for giving millions of outside software developers wide access to customer data before endorsing the practice in 2012. The decision made it possible for a quiz app to gather data on about 87 million Facebook users the following year, and later share the information with the now-defunct British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Read more here.

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