Data Protection News Roundup – 18th December 2018


Yesterday new legislation came into force that now means directors whose firms plague people with unsolicited nuisance calls are now personally liable if their company breaks the law. Previously some has liquidated their firms to avoid big penalties. Read more here.


Written Questions

Lord Taylor of Warwick asked a question on whether the government has plans to invest in cyber skills to help improve the digital protection provided to users of social media. Viscount Younger of Leckle answered on behalf of the Government and said they will publish an Online Harms White Paper in winter 2018/19 which will include a range of proposals including setting out how we will ensure that parents, children and other users develop the skills they need to stay safe online. Read more here.


Who’s getting it wrong?

A London company Tax Returned Limited has been fined £200,000 by the ICO for sending out 14.8 million marketing text messages without valid consent through a third party provider. The ICO’s Director of Investigations Steve Eckersley said “firms using third party marketing services need to double-check whether they have valid consent from people to send promotional text messages to them”. Read more here.

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