Data Protection News Roundup – 30th April 2019

The recent 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey showed that 32% of businesses identified a cyber security attack in the last 12 months – down from 43% the previous year. This sounds like good news, and is being attributed to measures companies have taken to adhere to the GDPR. However, of those businesses that did suffer attacks, the typical median number of breaches has risen from 4 in 2018 to 6 in 2019. Where a breach has resulted in a loss of data or assets, the average cost of a cyber attack on a business has gone up by more than £1,000 since 2018 to £4,180. Read more here.

Google is reportedly eager to placate growing calls for data privacy, in a move that would follow Apple’s implementation of intelligent tracking prevention in its Safari browser. While Apple’s manoeuvre was seen as a win for privacy, its effect on advertisers has been muted due to its browser’s (Safari) limited use; worldwide, Safari only has a 15.56% market share, compared to Google’s Chrome, which sits at 62.63%, making any such privacy policies from Google industry-changing, with huge effects on the ad industry. Read more here.

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