BSI Standard Implementation

Making Excellence a Habit

The Data Guardians is a BSI Associate Consultant, and we’re proud to be working with the internationally recognised business standards company that helps organisations all over the world make excellence a habit.


Currently there are no data protection certifications that have been approved by the European Data Protection Board, however BSI’s kite mark is recognised as a mark of quality. BSI’s data protection standard (BSI 10012) is one of the few recognised standards and implementing it within your organisation will act as a mark of quality assurance for your customers, employees and other stakeholders.

As an independent certification body, the BSI is unable to consult on their standards directly – which is where we come in as part of the Associate Consultant Programme (ACP). The ACP is designed to assist organisations in successfully implementing BSI standards without compromising the expert guidance and impartiality of the BSI.

As a member we have demonstrated our deep knowledge and experience with respect to data protection and privacy.

Implementing BS 10012 will support your organisation in your implementation of an appropriate “Information Governance” strategy and help protect you from the fear of significant fines and reputational damage following GDPR non-compliance.

You may not have the resources, time or expertise in house to achieve this standard on your own. As an independent consultancy, we are trusted to give you the expert advice you need, help you put industry best practice in place within your business and support you throughout implementation as you work towards the standard. Implementing BS 10012 in your organisation will help you to comply with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.


Buy the BS 10012: Data Protection standard and get in touch with us to ask about helping you to implement it.