GDPR Friday Roundup – 25th August 2017


Ahead of round three negotiations, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis has published a position paper on the exchange and protection of personal data discussing options for the protection of personal data in the future partnership. It sets out Government plans to ensure that personal data continues to move between the UK and EU in “a safe, properly regulated way” through “an unprecedented alignment between British and European law”. It also suggests that there should be an ongoing role for the UK’s ICO in EU regulatory fora which will preserve existing and valuable cooperation as well as build a proactive partnership to tackle future challenges. A UK-EU model for exchanging and protecting personal data will provide greater certainty and stability to business and citizens in both the UK and EU. The paper also states that it is the UK’s ambition to remain a global leader on data protection. Find the full position paper here.


Who’s getting it wrong?

Domestic energy saving firm Home Logic UK Ltd was issued with a £50,000 penalty by the ICO for making unsolicited marketing calls to people who had made it clear that they didn’t want to be contacted in that way. Find the penalty notice here. Following this action, the ICO has warned organisations about the costly consequences of making nuisance calls and that they must check the TPS register. ICO Head of Enforcement Steve Eckersley said “it is baffling that some firms continue to take this business risk”. Read more here.

West Midlands Police reported 24 data breaches in 2016. Breaches included wrongly releasing personal information to third parties, sending information to the wrong people, losing USB sticks and using insecure emails. Civil liberties group Big Brother Watch has said, “the job of the police is to protect us and in a digital society that also means protecting our data”. Read more here.



On 20 September, the Scottish and UK Information Commissioners will co-host the International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC) in Manchester. The conference will explore the future of transparency and access to information in the UK and worldwide, progressive information rights and trust. Find the event website here.

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