GDPR Friday Roundup – 8th September 2017

Who’s getting it wrong?

US-based credit ratings firm Equifax which serves over 44m Britons had an unlawful breach of security and has been told by the ICO to inform affected British residents at the earliest opportunity. The cyber attack, announced to customers this week occurred in July and is said to have affected a limited number of UK and Canadian residents, was due to unlawful access to its servers due to a vulnerability through its website. Read more here.


Need to know

The Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has claimed she will need more employees for the ICO to properly implement the forthcoming GDPR as a lot of her staff have been poached by consulting firms. Ms Denham also highlighted the importance of data protection and is optimistic, as she believes companies are taking the impending regulations seriously. Read more here.

ST2 Technology has claimed that Not for Profit organisations will need to make significant changes to the way they manage information to ensure they are complaint with GDPR. They also warn of using non-specialist consultants, as charities, which hold some of the most sensitive and personal data, will still be liable for fines like other organisations. Read more here.

A new report by Trend Micro has revealed that 9 in 10 British businesses claim their data is as secure as it can possibly be however other questions revealed the same respondents were confused over what constituted personal data. The report found that businesses are overconfident and VP of Security Research Rik Ferguson speculates that UK businesses could be in line for fines if organisations do not prepare sufficiently for GDPR. Read more here.

nfpSynergy has released a report which claims charity donors feel they receive too many marketing emails and post therefore would like charities to be held to the same rules as business to reduce this. This includes further control over how donors are contacted – the favoured solution is an opt-in requirement. Read more here.



The FOI conference – Trust, Transparency and progressive information rights will be held at the Hilton in Manchester on 20 September. Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham and Scottish Information Commissioner Rosemary Agnew will host the event. Read more here.

Today Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham spoke at the Northern Ireland Data Protection Conference. Read more here.

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