GDPR Friday Roundup – 22nd October 2017

Who’s getting it wrong?

The ICO has fined Easyleads Limited £260,000 for making 16.7 million illegal automated marketing calls about boiler grants. More than 550 complaints were made to the ICO with many of these coming from people who said they’d received multiple calls. Read more here.


Other News

A survey carried out by law firm Blake Morgan has revealed that nine out of ten organisations are not ready for the GDPR, 38% are not confident they will be able to comply by the deadline, and 23% are not even aware it exists. Read more here.


According to new research from cyber security firm Clearswift, 42% of IT security incidents happen due to the actions of employees, whilst 74% originate from the extended network of workers, customers and suppliers. Clearswift also found that just 26% of attacks came from parties unknown to the organisations. These findings make a very compelling case for why organisations must educate employees about how to safeguard critical information and motivate them to care more about the ramifications of a breach. Read more here.


Informational Commissioners and Deputy Information Commissioners from 39 jurisdictions met in Manchester on Wednesday for the International Conference of Information Commissioners 2017. Discussing the incoming GDPR was not on the agenda. See more about the conference here.

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