The Data Guardians partners with 123DPO

The Data Guardians is delighted to announce its partnership with 123DPO who provide specialist support for GDPR365, a cloud-based hub that makes it simple for organisations to attain, maintain and demonstrate compliance with the GDPR and Data Protection laws. 123DPO help to make GDPR compliance much easier by working one-to-one with clients, taking them through the onboarding process with GDPR365, guiding them through the essential data mapping exercise and going through a checklist of issues contained with the GDPR which must be addressed.

Matthew Lamb, Managing Director of the Data Guardians, said; “This tool dovetails very nicely with The Data Guardians’ outsourced DPO service. The GDPR365 platform guides you through every aspect of the GDPR and contains many tools to help with the day-to-day management of compliance such as the collection and recording of Data Subject Requests and Data Breach management. However, there are some other aspects of the GDPR which require more explicit guidance, such as launching a direct marketing campaign, and this is where the outsourced DPO comes in. The combination of 123DPO and The Data Guardians gives our clients a bespoke and comprehensive strategy for maintaining compliance in a far shorter timeframe.”

GDPR365 is being used by companies throughout Europe, from SMEs to multi-national organisations, who want a low-cost solution for maintaining their GDPR and Data Protection Act compliance with the security of 24-hour support. GDPR365’s intuitive interface and workflows simplify the compliance process by organising it into clear, assignable tasks via a cloud-based hub. Central record-keeping tools ensure that you have a complete audit trail and are able to demonstrate compliance.

This partnership means our customers will benefit from GDPR365’s self-service tool, backed up by the expert knowledge and support of 123DPO and The Data Guardians. Your team will be fully trained in how to use the software by our partners at 123DPO and ultimately given the skills and the confidence to maintain your organisation’s compliance.


Features include:

  • The ability to map your data and generate a customised data protection programme.
  • Tools to show your progress towards and ongoing compliance.
  • Customised data protection policies.
  • Contracts to define what processes any third parties can undertake with the personal data you share with them.
  • Help to manage compliance aspects regarding consent, HR practices, information use and security, electronic marketing and profiling.
  • A Data Protection Impact Assessments tool for creating and storing DPIAs.
  • Help to manage and fulfil Subject Access Requests.
  • Help to record, manage and report data breaches.
  • Record keeping tools to ensure you have a complete audit trail which demonstrates compliance.
  • 24 hour help desk.
  • 123DPO and The Data Guardians’ GDPR experts on hand to answer your questions.


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