Data Protection News Roundup – 6th August 2019


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Who’s getting it wrong?

A boiler replacement company, Making it Easy Ltd, has been fined £160,000 by the ICO for making spam calls to people registered with the Telephone Preference Service. The company made more than one million marketing calls with over 800,000 of them to people registered with the TPS. Read more here.

London-based educational software maker Pearson has reported a data breach involving around 13,000 school and university AIMSweb 1.0 accounts, mostly in the US. Exposed data includes first and last names, dates of birth and emails. They said there is no evidence that the information has been misused. Read more here.


Other News

The ICO has joined several other data protection authorities calling for more openness about the proposed Libra digital currency and infrastructure. A statement to Facebook and 28 other companies behind the project asked them to provide details of how customers’ personal data will be processed. Read more here.

Apple and Google are temporarily stopping workers listening to voice recordings captured by smart speakers and virtual assistants following a report that third-party contractors used by Apple have heard people having sex and discussing private medical information. Read more here.

The ICO has responded to concerns about the scope of data processing set out by the Conservative Party’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is currently being attached to an online call to action that asks people to tell the party what the most “important issue” to them and their family is, alongside submitting their personal data. In the privacy policy it states that harvested personal data will be combined with other sources of data to profile voters and use this to determine whether or not to send a voter campaign materials and how to tailor the messages contained within it. Essentially, it will be used for microtargeting which last year Elizabeth Denham called for an ‘ethical pause’ to in uses relating to political campaigning purposes. Read more here.

Telstra has warned that public trust in the security of their data will be eroded if government agencies continue to be allowed access to it without appropriate authorisation. More than 60 agencies have been accessing data using a loophole in the Telecommunications Act that allows them to bypass restrictions in the 2015 data retention legislation, under which access was restricted to only 20 agencies, primarily police and other law enforcement bodies. Read more here.


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