Data Protection News Roundup – 17th September 2019

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A webpage on the Conservative party website calling on voters to “Back Brexit” has attracted concern from a data protection lawyer. The page invites users to enter their name, email address and postcode and says that the data may be used to build profiles of individuals to target online advertising at them. The lawyer’s concern is that users aren’t being given enough information about what data is being collected for or enough choice about how it will be used. Read more here.


Who’s getting it wrong?

Hackers have broken into Swindon College’s network in a ‘deliberate and criminal attack’ to gain access to data retained from those who attended or worked at the college during the last eight years. Read more here.

Personal data about almost every Ecuadorean citizen, 17 million people, has been found exposed online. Read more here.


Other News

British Airways has been accused of “swerving responsibility” for a massive data breach by trying to limit compensation payouts for victims. The airline has applied to launch its own class action for victims but it includes a 17-week time limit for claimants to join. Lawyers have branded the move “unprecedented” and warned the “cynical” action was designed to limit a potential £3bn payout to customers. Read more here.

The ICO has urged businesses to “prepare for all scenarios” as it publishes dedicated guidance to help small and medium sized organisations prepare for the possibility that the UK leaves the European Union with no deal. Read its guidance here.

Research by security software supplier Egress suggests that 52% of UK businesses are not fully compliant with the GDPR. Read more here.


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