Data Protection News Roundup – 1st October 2019

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Who’s getting it wrong?

An online retailer in Poland has been fined €645,000 under the GDPR after failing to protect the data collected from 2.2 million customers through the company’s nine websites. Read more here.

The personal information of 218 million Zynga users has been stolen in a data breach orchestrated by prolific Pakistani hacker Gnosticplayers. Gnosticplayers is the hacker responsible for releasing information gathered from the massive data breaches known as ‘the collections’ earlier this year. Billions of personal records were stolen through hacks on 45 popular online services. Read more here.


Other News

Along with announcing its new line of Echo devices Amazon has announced privacy updates for its existing products including a mute button that electronically disconnects microphones from Echo and gives the option to opt out of recording or delete audio recordings after a certain amount of time. Read more here.

The Capgemini Research Institute has found that companies vastly overestimated their readiness for the new regulation with just 28% having successfully achieved compliance. This is compared to a GDPR readiness survey last year which found that 78% expected to be prepared by the time the regulation came into effect in May 2018. However, organisations are realizing the benefits of being compliant: 81% of those that are say GDPR has had a positive impact on their reputation and brand image. Read more here.


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