Data Protection News Roundup – 5th November 2019

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As part of the Government’s review of cyber security incentives and regulations, Digital Minister Matt Warman has launched a call for evidence seeking information and data on the barriers to taking action on cyber security, the information which would help organisations invest in cyber security, and what more organisations and Government could do to stimulate more effective cyber risk management. Read more here.

The Information Commissioner has sent a letter to all the political parties reminding them that they must comply with the law ahead of the General Election. You can read the letter here.


Other News

Facebook has reached a settlement with the ICO agreeing to pay in full a £500,000 fine following the ICO’s investigating into the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal. As part of the arrangement, Facebook has agreed to drop its legal appeal against the penalty but has not admitted any liability in relation to paying the fine. Read more here.

The lawsuit against Equifax has revealed the very lax security protections the company was using. On a portal used to manage customer credit disputes the company used “admin” as both a username and password. It was also storing unencrypted user data on a public-facing server and did no encrypt any of its mobile apps. In addition, when Equifax did encrypt its bank of personal information, it left the encryption keys on the same public-facing server – the equivalent to locking the front door of your home but leaving the keys in plain sight on the front step. Read more here.

Twitter will ban all political adverts on its platform from next month, affecting the general election. The ban will apply globally to all election adverts, as well as ads related to political issues. Read more here.

The Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has called for a new code of practice to control police use of live facial recognition. She has called for police forces to be compelled to show justification that face recognition is “strictly necessary, balanced and effective” in each case it is deployed. Read more here.

Cybersecurity firm FireEye has released its inaugural FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report, revealing that 56% of organisations believe that the risk of cyber threats will increase in 2020. To compile its report, the firm surveyed over 800 CISOs and other senior executives across North America, Europe and Asia. Read more here.

Two computer hackers have plead guilty to an extortion scheme that entangled Uber in a yearlong cover-up of a data breach that stole sensitive information about 57 million of its passengers and drivers. Read more here.

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