Data Protection News Roundup – 26th November 2019

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Who’s getting it wrong?

Vistaprint has left customer data including names, email addresses and phone numbers exposed on an unsecured database. The database contained more than 51,000 customer service interactions. Read more here.

The profiles of 1.2 billion individuals were left exposed on a single server that contained everything from social media accounts to phone numbers and email addresses. Vinny Troia, who discovered the breach, says It’s one of the largest leaks from a single source in history. Read more here.

According to a report thousands of Disney customers say they have been hacked after signing up to its online streaming service. Read more here.

OnePlus has warned customers that their personal details “may have been exposed” but that payment details, passwords, and accounts are safe. OnePlus also suffered a data breach in January 2018. Read more here.

More than a million T-Mobile prepaid customers’ personal information and account details have been exposed in a data breach. According to the company no payment information or passwords were exposed in the breach. Read more here.


Other News

Uber could soon be required to force drivers to scan their fingerprints or faces in order to continue operating in London, according to sources close to negotiations between the company and TfL. Read more here.

According to a Freedom of Information request since 2015, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued 152 penalties totalling £16.6m, of which 47 (£7m) remain unpaid. Read more here.


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