Data Protection News Roundup – 4th February 2020

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In a written statement to the House of Commons published yesterday, the Prime Minister said that the United Kingdom will “develop separate and independent policies” in a range of fields, including data protection, adding that the government would seek to maintain high standards in so doing. Read more here.


Other News

According to a new report by cybersecurity company DynaRisk UK consumers that hold an email address with BT have suffered more data breaches than those holding Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail addresses. Scanning more than 750,000 emails throughout last year, DynaRisk also says consumers in the UK suffered more security breaches than those in New Zealand, Canada and most of Europe. Read more here.

A British medical products developer that creates skin, bone and organ grafts has shut its manufacturing plant in the US after it suffered a cybersecurity breach. The breach is not thought to have impacted any of Tissue Regenix’s UK operations or any of its financial systems. Read more here.

According to the latest report by PwC, nearly half of UK CEOs (48.4 percent) have taken some action regarding their own personal digital behaviour, including deleting social media or virtual assistant apps or requesting a company to delete their data after becoming increasingly concerned about sophisticated cyber attacks. Read more here.

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