Data Protection News Roundup – 14th April 2020

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Coronavirus Response

On Sunday the Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the launch of a new NHS contact tracing app. The app will allow people to report their symptoms and then will anonymously alert other app users that had been in contact with that person in recent days. The app, developed by NHSX, is in the advanced stages of evaluation and is weeks away from being ready to be deployed. Read more here.

On Friday Apple and Google also announced that they are working on contact tracing technology to work out where patients might have picked up coronavirus, or who else they may have infected. The app will work by users having their bluetooth switched on and when two people meet, their phones will exchange a “key” that identifies the phone. If, a few days later, one of those people is diagnosed with Covid-19, they enter the result into the app which then contacts all the people they’ve been in contact with in the previous 14 days. Read more here.

Britain’s supermarkets have been warned against holding on to NHS data about vulnerable patients which they will receive as part of the government’s efforts to combat Covid-19 once the crisis has abated. Read more here.


Data Breaches

Hammersmith Medicines Research LTD (HMR), a research company on standby to perform live trials of Coronavirus vaccines, has sent out data breach notifications after having their data stolen and published in a ransomware attack. Read more here.


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