Data Protection News Roundup – 21st April 2020

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Coronavirus Response

The ICO has published its opinion on Apple and Google’s plan to track the spread of Covid-19 by tracing the contacts of those with confirmed cases through Bluetooth technology. In the opinion document Elizabeth Denham says that the plan ‘aligns with the principles’ of UK privacy law, including mandating by design that only necessary information about specific people is collected. Read more here.

European Union member states have agreed that the bloc’s own Coronavirus contact-tracing app should not collect “individual’s movements” after opponents said it would create “major security and privacy issues”. Read more here.


Data Breaches

Wales’ health minister Vaughan Gething has said he is sorry that 13,000 letters for people most vulnerable to coronavirus were mistakenly sent to the wrong addresses. Read more here.

Some Zoom users who reuse the same passwords from other accounts have had their personal login information sold on the dark web. Personal account information including email addresses, passwords and the web addresses for Zoom meetings are both being posted freely and sold for pennies. Using the posted data, someone could access a person’s personal meeting room and launch that room. They could invite others to join while impersonating the host. That opens the door to hackers exploiting a user’s contacts, by sending them malware through Zoom invites or creating scenarios to extort them. Read more here.

Numerous Nintendo Switch users have reported that their accounts have been illegally accessed, with some losing money to in-game purchases. Read more here.


Other News

A mystery hacker allegedly stole £20m in crypto-currencies – and then returned the funds two days later. Read more here.

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