Data Protection News Roundup – 16th June 2020

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Data Breaches

Babylon Health has suffered a data breach involving confidential patient information, with users of its GP video consultation app allowed to see other patients’ appointments. Babylon later said a small number of UK users could see each other’s sessions and that the problem was a limited software error and not a “malicious attack”. Read more here.

A UK-based cybersecurity firm has confirmed that a contractor temporarily exposed a database containing five billion email addresses and passwords collated from previous data breaches. During the 10 minutes when a firewall was disabled the database was indexed allowing a security researcher to access the data without a password. Read more here.

Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter has reported his own office to the Information Commissioner after the names and addresses of 177 constituents were mistakenly sent out in an attachment to an e-mail. Read more here.

Earlier this year Nintendo confirmed that a vast data breach had taken place, revealing that login IDs and passwords “obtained illegally by some means other than our service” were exposed to hackers. First reported to have affected 160,000 users, an update confirms that the breach affected 300,000. Read more here.

Consumers who may have shopped online at Claire’s between 25 April and 13 June may have been victim to a Magecart skimming attack and should monitor their account statements for unauthorised charges. Read more here.


Other News

According to a new study by Specops Software, an average of 41% of UK employees across all sectors have not received adequate cybersecurity training. Travel and hospitality was the sector with the worst record, with 84% of staff stating they have not received sufficient training. Read more here.

Six former eBay executives and staff have been charged with cyber-stalking in a campaign against a couple who ran a newsletter critical of the company. Read more here.

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