Data Protection News Roundup – 7th July 2020

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Coronavirus Response

Last month Public Health England (PHE) announced that personal data accumulated from the Test and Trace program would be retained by the NHS for 20 years. Following a challenge from a digital rights organisation, PHE has now revised the policy and reduced the data retention time to eight years. Read more here.


Data Breaches

Cambridgeshire has experienced the sharpest rise in cyber crime in the UK after businesses in the area saw the number of criminal cases rise by 49% between 2016 and 2018. Read more here.

The personal information of 500,000 UK-based BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai and SEAT customers is being sold to the highest bidder on an online black market, according to darknet intelligence experts KELA. The hackers selling the information claim that they got hold of the database via a call centre that works with a range of car manufacturers. Read more here.

The world’s biggest repository holding people’s stolen data is about to reach a milestone of 10 billion hacked personal records. Security researcher Tory Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned, has collected nearly 9.8 billion records from corporate data breaches, including Dropbox, Yahoo and LinkedIn, so victims can check if their often recycled login credentials were compromised. Read more here.


Other News

Facebook has admitted that thousands of apps accessed people’s private data without permission months after they stopped using the services. Around 5,000 developers were mistakenly granted unauthorised access to “non-public information” in breach of the company’s own rules. Read more here.

Apple is working on a new iPhone feature that alerts users if their passwords have been exposed online. The addition to iCloud Keychain is coming to iPhones and iPads later this year in a free software update. Read more here.

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