Data Protection News Roundup – 18th August 2020

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A new £2.25 million data protection programme is being set out by the UK Cabinet Office which aims to improve its control over private data. Read more here.


Data Breaches

More organisations have joined the list of those affected by the Blackbaud hack including Bletchley Park Trust and the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. So far, the ICO is aware of 166 UK organisations affected. Read more here.

Diners at the Ritz hotel in London have been targeted by “extremely convincing” scammers who posed as hotel staff to steal payment card details. The scammers phoned people with exact details of their restaurant bookings, asking them to “confirm” card details. They then tried to spend thousands of pounds at the catalogue retailer Argos. Read more here.

Around a third (33%) of UK universities have been targeted with ransomware, freedom of information (FOI) requests submitted by the agency TopLine Comms have revealed. Of the 134 universities the requests were sent to, 105 responded. Of these, 35 (33%) revealed they had been subjected to attack while 25 (24%) said they hadn’t. The remaining 43 (45%) refused to answer, with the main concern being that admission of attack could lead to further targeting. Read more here.


Other News

Facial-recognition technology enabling people’s expressions and moods to be picked up in CCTV footage will be trialled by Lincolnshire Police force. Police will be able to enter searches for people wearing hats or glasses as well as certain moods and expressions using the system. Read more here.

Tik Tok is facing heightened scrutiny from regulators after a report claims that it collected information from millions of mobile devices without allowing users to opt out. It tracked Android user data using a technique banned by Google. Read more here.

The use of third party cookies for ad tracking and targeting by data broker giants Oracle and Salesforce is the focus of class action style litigation announced last week in the UK and Netherlands. The lawyers will argue that mass surveillance of Internet users to carry out real-time bidding ad auctions cannot possibly be compatible with the GDPR. Oracle and Salesforce deny any wrongdoing. Read more here.

The U.S. Commerce Department and the European Commissioner of Justice pledged last week to hammer out a new standard to replace the Privacy Shield, which a European court invalidated last month with no grace period for compliance. In a joint statement, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Justice Commission Didier Reynders acknowledged “the vital importance of data protection and the significance of cross-border data transfers to our citizens and economies.” Read more here.

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