Data Protection News Roundup – 1st September 2020

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Data Breaches

Merseyside Police have arrested, and subsequently released under investigation, a fifteen-year-old boy under the suspicion of hacking into a number of PayPal accounts in the UK earlier this year. Read more here.


Other News

Google Chrome is set to reveal a new way to keep all your passwords secure, even if they have been leaked or stolen online. The browser will update its in-built password manager tool to boost security, meaning users should be able to quickly and easily change login details if they think they have been affected by a leak or data breach. Read more here.

According to the Annual Track Survey 2020 commissioned by the ICO, the public remains divided on the confidence it has in how companies and organisations handle personal information. Just 27% of participants said they have high trust and confidence in companies and organisations storing and using their data (down from 32% in 2019) and 28% said they have low trust and confidence. Read more here.

According to a survey commissioned by DCMS, the GDPR has had a greater impact on the cyber security practices of financial services organisations than any other sector of the economy. Every respondent working in finance and insurance said that all of the changes in their organisation’s cyber security in the last three years were at least to some extent a result of the regulation. Read more here.

Greater Manchester wants to be the ‘beating heart’ of the UK’s digital security industry and is going out to tender for a Cyber Innovation Centre. More and more cyber security companies have opened offices in Manchester since the arrival of GCHQ in Manchester last year. Read more here.

New research from OpenText reveals that 49% of UK consumers would pay more to do business with an organisation that is committed to protecting their data privacy – surpassing Germany (41%), Spain (36%) and France (17%). Read more here.

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