Data Protection News Roundup – 13th October 2020

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A compulsory audit at the UK Department for Education (DFE) exposed a quagmire of confusion and failures in managing and protecting data. According to the audit, conducted in February and now made public, the DFE has “no formal proactive oversight of any function of information governance, including data protection, records management, risk management, data sharing and information security […] along with a lack of formal documentation.” Read more here.

The EU Court of Justice has ruled that Directive 2002/58/EC precludes national legislation from ordering telecommunication companies to transfer data in a “general and indiscriminate” manner to security agencies, even for purposes of national security. The ruling could throw up roadblocks to a post-Brexit “adequacy” agreement over the UKs data protection regime. Read more here.


Data Breaches

Online school payments service WisePay announced that hackers stole the payment card details of parents who used the service to make payments to schools and colleges between 2nd and 5th October. Payments to about 300 schools were affected by the cyber attack but only a small number of parents were impacted. Read more here.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Annual Report, the CPS has recorded 1,627 data breaches over the 2019-2020 financial year, up from 1,378 in the previous financial year. 1,463 of the data breaches were due to unauthorised disclosure of information, with 78 being considered ‘severe’. A further 143 of the incidents were due to loss of electronic media and paper and in 22 of these instances, the data was never recovered. Read more here.

London’s Hackney Council says it has been hit by “a serious cyber-attack” which is affecting its IT systems. Officials are working with the UK National Cyber Security Centre to investigate the hack. Read more here.


Other News

Social media firms that fail to protect children from online harms face being blocked from Britain under new duty of care laws, says the Government’s digital minister, Caroline Dinenage. Read more here.

The ICO has closed its investigation into Cambridge Analytica, concluding that the controversial data company did not directly misuse data to influence the Brexit referendum. However, Elizabeth Denham warned that the company’s data protection practices were lax “with little thought for effective security measures” and its activities raised broader concerns about the influence of technology in politics. Read more here.

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