Data Protection News Roundup – 20th October 2020

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Data Breaches

Consumer action law firm, Your Lawyers, has launched a group action claim against Virgin Media UK, which gives the provider “four weeks to admit liability” for a data breach that exposed the personal details belonging to 900,000 of their customers. Read more here.

‘Buy now, pay later’ service Klarna says that “human error” meant its newsletter was sent out to some people who had recently used one of Klarna’s products or services, but hadn’t signed up to the newsletter. Klarna subsequently apologised in a follow-up email, saying the newsletter was sent by mistake and those who had wrongly received it ‘have not been added to a marketing database’. Read more here.

Bookseller, Barnes & Noble, has been targeted in a cyberattack that exposed customers’ personal information, including email, billing and shipping addresses. Read more here.


Other News

A £183m fine levied on British Airways for a data breach has been reduced to £20m after investigators took into account the airline’s financial plight and the circumstances of the cyber-attack. Read more here.

Instagram is being investigated by Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) over its handling of children’s personal data on the platform. It comes amid reports Instagram failed to protect data, including allowing email addresses and phone numbers of those under 18 to be made public. Read more here.

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