Data Protection News Roundup – 27th October 2020

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Coronavirus Response

Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories temporarily shut down its plants in the UK, Brazil, India, Russia, and the US following a cyberattack. The Indian company is the contractor for Russia’s “Sputinik V” Covid-19 vaccine, which is about to enter Phase 2 human trials. The company hasn’t released details of the attack and has not commented on facilities being taken offline. Read more here.


Data Breaches

Global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. has suffered a huge data breach, with patient information found exposed on unsecured cloud storage. The exposed data was found on a misconfigured Google Cloud storage bucket. The data included hundreds of conversations between Pfizer’s automated customer support software and people using its prescription pharmaceutical drugs. Read more here.


Other News

Former Uber drivers have accused the taxi app firm of using automated “robo-firing” algorithms to dismiss them. British drivers want courts in the Netherlands – where Uber’s data is based – to overrule the algorithm that they say caused them to be fired. Experts say the legal challenge is the first of its kind to test the protections of GDPR Article 22. Read more here.

The ICO has ordered the credit reference agency Experian Limited to make fundamental changes to how it handles people’s personal data within its direct marketing services. The enforcement notice follows a two-year investigation that found it uses significant ‘invisible’ processing when the individual is not aware that the organisation is collecting and using their personal data. This is against data protection law. Read more here.

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