Data Protection News Roundup – 8th December 2020

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A new US administration may not necessarily bring with it a new data transfer pact between the EU and the United States, the top EU data protection authority has said. Read more here.


Data Breaches

After two weeks, Manchester United finally fought off the hackers holding the club to ransom. It was understood the criminals were demanding a multi-million pound payment or they threatened to leak secret documents or block access to them. The attack, believed to have originated from an email phishing scam, is now over. Read more here.


Other News

The ICO has fined OSL Financial Consultancy Limited £50,000 for illegally sending 174,342 nuisance marketing texts. The mortgage and loans broker came to the attention of the ICO as part of its probe into companies seeking to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic with nuisance marketing. Read more here.

The estimated global cost of cyber crime has exceeded the $1 trillion (roughly £755 billion) mark, with the overwhelming majority of companies also suffering from cyber attacks in non-monetary ways. The scale of global losses represents 1% of worldwide GDP. Read more here.

Up to 68% of fines issued by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) since January 2019 remain unpaid, a report has revealed. The same report showed there are currently just over £7 million worth of unpaid debt owing to the ICO – 42% of the total fines issued since 2015. Read more here.

A German court has slashed a GDPR fine assessed to one of the country’s largest telecoms service providers by over 90%, calling it “unreasonably high.” 1&1 Telecom GmbH was originally given a fine of €9.55 million for a data breach involving lax company policies about releasing personal information. The German appeals court has reduced the fine to a relatively affordable €900,000, citing the lack of sensitive data available as a primary reason. Read more here.

Cybercriminals are using millions of ‘bad bot personas’ from thousands of distinct IP addresses to run DDoS attacks, make fraudulent purchases, and scan for vulnerabilities that can be exploited on hundreds of e-Commerce sites during the Christmas season. Read more here.

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