Data Protection News Roundup – 26th January 2021


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Data Breaches

Cyber-criminals have released confidential documents stolen from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in an attack on Christmas Eve, after the agency refused to pay a ransom. The attack resulted in the theft of some 1.2GB of data in the form of about 4,000 files, including confidential business information and personal data on staff. Read more here.


Other News

A new report shows that 70% of UK financial firms suffered a cyber attack in 2020. Some 59% of the attacks were exacerbated by the fact that remote and home working environments are often more vulnerable to cyber attack. The increased use of personal devices by employees, often without sufficient guidance, means sensitive information is being accessed using platforms unprotected by enterprise security infrastructure. Read the report here.

The ICO has restarted its investigation into adtech practices. Its investigation was paused last year on account of disruption to businesses from Covid-19. Now, the investigation will continue with a series of audits focusing on digital market platforms. They will be issuing assessment notices to specific companies in the coming months. Read more here.

The UK’s High Court, in the case of Soriano, has determined there was no real prospect of success on the merits in a case seeking extraterritorial applicability of the EU’s GDPR to a US-based publication that had a significant UK readership for some of its posts. See the key points relating to the judgement here.

Elizabeth Denham has agreed to extend her term as Information Commission to 31 October 2021, while the recruitment process for her successor is completed. Read more here.

Google has announced a plan to tackle privacy issues in online advertising. It will use AI to bundle an individual user with similar visitors in an attempt to convince users that they don’t need to block all tracking on the internet to preserve their privacy. Read more here.

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