Data Protection News Roundup – 9th February 2021

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Data Breaches

Financial details belonging to customers of Foxtons estate agency are widely available on the dark web following a malware attack in October last year that affected parent company Foxtons Group. Read more here.

The maker of popular video game Cyberpunk 2077 has been hacked in a ransomware attack. CD Projekt Red said hackers had accessed its internal network, digitally scrambled some of its data servers and tried to blackmail it. Read more here.

A new compilation recently posted on an online hacking forum contains more than 3.2 billion unique pairs of cleartext emails and passwords gathered from past leaks. Read more here.

The CEO of SolarWinds has revealed hackers in its massive suspected Russian cyber attack had access to the firm’s emails for at least nine months. Read more here.


Other News

New research has found that more than 55% of IT decision makers feel remote workers could expose their firm to the risk of a data breach. Read more here.

The Home Office has admitted to a blunder that led to the records of more than 15,000 people being deleted from the Police National Computer. The Government has said the deletion was the result of a coding mistake on 10 January. The error affects fingerprints, DNA and arrest records.  The Government hopes to contain the damage and that no records will be permanently lost. Read more here.

Facebook is being sued for “losing control” of the data of about a million users in England and Wales. The alleged failings were revealed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where harvested data was used for advertising during elections. Journalist Peter Jukes, leading the action, claims his data was compromised. Read more here.

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