Data Protection News Roundup – 20th April 2021

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Data Breaches

According to a new report, in 2020 60% of educational organisations experienced phishing attacks and 27% experienced ransomware attacks. Read more here.

The University of Hertfordshire has suffered a devastating cyberattack that knocked out all of its IT systems, including Office 365, Teams and Zoom, local networks, Wi-Fi, email, data storage and VPN. Read more here.


Other News

A new watchdog, The Digital Markets Unit (DMU), has been launched in the UK. Based within the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), it will oversee plans to give consumers more choice and control over their data, promote online competition and crack down on unfair practices which can often leave businesses and consumers with less choice and more expensive goods and services. Read more here.

Germany’s lead data protection regulator for Facebook is taking action against the social network to prevent the collection of personal data from users of its WhatsApp messaging app. Read more here.

The European Commission is at the draft stage of a set of regulations designed to restrict the use of AI for ‘indiscriminate surveillance’ or for what it terms ‘ranking social behaviour’. The Commission is believed to be poised to push forward with the regulation in the coming weeks. Read more here.

Digital Rights Ireland has announced its intention to sue Facebook over the major data leak of user data that recently came to light. Read more here.

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