Data Protection News Roundup – 11th May 2021

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Coronavirus Response

The NHS has been accused of a major security flaw after the coronavirus vaccination booking site leaked peoples’ personal medical data. The regulator for medical data has flagged concerns with NHS digital after it appeared possible for strangers to access information about individuals’ vaccination records. Read more here.


Data Breaches

According to a new report from IBM, data breaches are getting more expensive, and they’re frequently occurring due to misconfigured public clouds. The report says that 19% of data breaches happen because IT teams fail to properly protect the assets found within their cloud infrastructure. Read more here.

Data breach incidents reported to the UK’s financial regulator dropped by nearly a third from 2019 to 2020, although experts claim this is far from an accurate picture of the current threat landscape. In many cases, legal counsel is recommending firms not to notify if they think reporting thresholds around whether data subjects were “harmed” are not met. Read more here.

51% of businesses have suffered a data breach that was caused by a third party, a new report has claimed. New research from the Ponemon Institute and SecureLink claims it’s mostly the victims’ fault, as these organisations fail to take appropriate measures to protect themselves, and often take the “fingers crossed” approach to third-party risk management. Read more here.


Other News

British banks and insurers have suffered from a rise in cybercrime over the past year, reporting average losses of nearly £600,000. Read more here.

A poll carried out by questioning 4000 consumers about their online shopping habits found that over 40% were concerned about what happens to their data both during, and after, the e-commerce purchasing journey. Read more here.

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