Data Protection News Roundup – 18th May 2021

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Data Breaches

The Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) has been fined €90,000 and reprimanded for a “serious” breach of the GDPR. It is the largest domestic fine levied by the Irish data regulator. The breach was caused by a change in the ICB’s computer code in 2018 which resulted in 15,000 accounts having incorrect details recorded about their loans before the mistake was noticed. Read more here.


Other News

The UK’s cybersecurity agency has taken down more scams in the last year than in the previous three years combined, with coronavirus and NHS-themed cybercrime fuelling the increase. Read more here.

The ICO has fined a company for sending direct marketing emails to people who provided their personal data for contact tracing purposes. The ICO fined TML £8,000 for using personal data for marketing without adequate valid consent, this is against the law. Read more here.

Britain will improve the security of smartphones, TVs and connected speakers by banning easy-to-hack default passwords and telling customers when security updates will end. The measures will be included in a bill designed to accelerate the deployment of faster communication networks to help meet its target of ensuring the majority of the population is covered by 5G by 2027. Read more here.

Facebook has said it will not comply with a German data protection agency’s request to keep data from WhatsApp and Facebook separate because it claims it has “no legitimate basis”. Read more here.

Former British Airways chief executive Alex Cruz, who suffered a serious data breach while running the carrier, has warned that airlines are being left behind by more nimble digital rivals because of their outdated technology. Read more here.

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