Data Protection News Roundup – 8th June 2021

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The ICO has fined the Conservative Party £10,000 following an investigation triggered by complaints from 51 recipients of unwanted marketing emails sent in the name of the prime minister, Boris Johnson. The emails in question were sent during eight days in July 2019 after Johnson had been elected as Party leader, urging the recipients to click on a link that directed them to a website for joining the Conservative Party. Read more here.


Data Breaches

A leaked spreadsheet circulating around WhatsApp has exposed the personal details of more than one thousand UK Special Forces soldiers, which are meant to remain secret. Read more here.

Police Scotland have launched an investigation after personal details of hundreds of pupils were released during a cyber attack. Exam results and “pupils profiles” outlining learning difficulties and mental health issues of Brechin High School students were released in the breach. Read more here.


Other News

The UK Court of Appeal has ruled that the government’s “immigration exemption” in the Data Protection Act 2018 is unlawful, overturning a High Court decision from 2019. The immigration exemption allows the Home Office and other organisations involved in “immigration control” to refuse access to personal data held about individuals if it might “prejudice the maintenance of effective immigration control”. The decision on 2nd June deems this exemption unlawful. Read more here.

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