Data Protection News Roundup – 22nd June 2021

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Data Breaches

Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise ship operator in the world, has disclosed details about a cybersecurity incident involving unauthorised access of its records. Read more here.

Legal and professional services group Gateley reported a cyber security breach from a known external source on Wednesday, adding it was confident that the incident was limited to a small portion of its data. Read more here.

UK-based cake maker and retailer Cake Box Holdings Plc has informed customers about a data breach in 2020 that might have compromised their personal information. Read more here.


Other News

The EU has agreed to share data with the United Kingdom. After the Brexit there were possibilities for this on the basis of temporary decisions, but now there is more clarity about the long term. The UK no longer has to adhere to the GDPR, but will try to be as close to the GDPR as possible. Read more here.

Plans to scrap existing UK data protection rules and replace them with an altogether new regime are on the horizon following recommendations made by a special taskforce commissioned by the prime minister. The taskforce branded the GDPR “prescriptive and inflexible” and has urged Boris Johnson to replace the rules with a new framework for data protection that doesn’t stifle growth and innovation. Read more here.

The ICO has warned of the risks of using live facial recognition in public places because of its “supercharged CCTV” capabilities. Elizabeth Denham has said: “I am deeply concerned about the potential for live facial recognition technology to be used inappropriately, excessively or even recklessly. When sensitive personal data is collected on a mass scale without people’s knowledge, choice or control, the impacts could be significant.” Read more here.

Pizza takeaway and delivery outfit Papa John’s has been fined £10,000 by the ICO for sending nuisance marketing messages to customers without their consent. Read more here.

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