Our Services

The Data Guardians exist to enable organisations to comply with data protection regulations as well as to extract maximum value from data through the targeted deployment of subject matter experts.

We are an alliance of experts in the fields of data protection compliance, training, cyber security and data strategy. We were founded upon a mutual realisation that our combination of experience and expertise in the fields of data protection, risk management, security, compliance, and technology made us a perfect match to assist organisations to transition to the new normal in this changing environment.

We help clients ensure compliance with the GDPR by carrying out regular audits, providing training, liaising with the regulators and stepping in to resolve breaches if and when they occur.

The Data Guardians has five main service lines:

  • Compliance Consulting: Helping you achieve GDPR compliance.
  • Ongoing DPO Support: Helping you maintain GDPR compliance.
  • Training: Your employees will need general awareness training and some will need more comprehensive training. We provide both.
  • Software deployment: In partnership with 123DPO we offer the GDPR365 cloud-based tool that makes it simple for organisations to attain, maintain and demonstrate compliance.
  • Security: We provide penetration tests to assess your ability to repulse cyber attacks as well as encryption and similar products to protect your data within your systems.

Our mission to is demystify the GDPR and other data protection regulations and give you practical advice and services to ensure that you achieve compliance and remain compliant in future, remembering that May 2018 isn’t the end of the story.