There are two sides to security; the first is the security of your system as a whole and the second is the security of your personal data.

System security

Today we are seeing an unprecedented number of cyber attacks, or hacks. Sometimes organisations are specifically targeted, but more often these are random attacks that can catch anyone out. It is critical that organisations regularly test the security of their systems using penetration tests. These are simple, low cost services that tests your organisation’s defences against cyber attacks.

Personal Data Security

It is all very well making sure that outsiders cannot get in, see above, but what about protecting your personal data against insiders? Personal data breaches don’t always involve a cyber attack, it is often because an employee either accidentally, or maliciously releases personal data. However if this data is encrypted or pseudonymised, then the effects of the release are massively mitigated. We can provide solutions to help you secure you data in transit and at rest.