Training For Your Staff

It should be remembered that one of the biggest risks to an organisation of a data breach is an employee accidentally, or maliciously, sending the personal data outside the organisation. This could be an email to the wrong person or by using an external memory device, e.g. USB stick, which then gets lost or stolen.

The first step to organisational security is achieved by training your staff. The GDPR mandates that all employees are given general awareness training every year and those that handle personal data on a regular basis, e.g. HR, Payroll, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service personnel, should have more in depth training bi-annually.

Let us send one of our best to your offices whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Call +44 7980 815761 to discuss your requirements and book a course today.

We offer a comprehensive suite of training packages including:

  • General data protection awareness. Aimed at helping all staff recognise what constitutes personal data, what they are allowed to do with personal data and what can go wrong.
  • Customer care team / HR team training. Aimed at all employees that deal with customers’ or employees’ personal data on a daily basis.
  • Senior management training. Aimed at senior managers who will set policies and procedures on personal data management.
  • Bespoke training packages. Please tell us your needs and we shall design a package especially for you.